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From the rural accommodation in San José del Guaviare, House Between the plain and the jungle, located in a RURAL AREA, 15 minutes by car from San José del Guaviare, in the town center of VEREDA PUERTO ARTURO, you can easily access exclusive places tourist centers located in La Lindosa with a spectacular view of the river, the sunrises and sunsets of the bush. The ARI room offers an exceptional landscape and can also have a private studio, with 2 Wi-Fi lines, to connect to teleworking, a hammock area, a jacuzzi and all in a country atmosphere.
Relax in this unique and peaceful getaway.


Hora y Lugar de Salida: San Jose del Guaviare, Puerto Arthur sidewalk Km 15 Check in at 3:00 pm

Hora y Lugar de Regreso: San Jose del Guaviare, Puerto Arthur path Km 15 Check in at 12:00 m.

Duración: 1 days.


The comfort, the spaciousness of the spaces, the safety for people and their belongings and the proximity to the biodiversity of the region in addition to the strategic location of the house to admire the sunrise and sunset. There is an area of hammocks with rooms around where you can chat or share a good wine or beer.
Room 4 is located on the second floor of the house. It has a double bed and fan, the bathroom is private.

Walking through the place and its surroundings is safe and becomes pleasant walks. You can also access the hammock area on the second floor, the kitchen, laundry area and also the jacuzzi (4 hours notice to have it ready).

The location and the house are optimal for guests who want to have an experience with the pastoral and rural aspects of Guaviare. Geographical and natural landscape location, unparalleled. The ACCOMMODATION service is "accommodation per person." They will also be able to have a refrigerator, grill and oven for food preparation.


Accommodation night





Access to Jacuzzi and common areas of the house

No Incluye:

Expenses not specified in the plan


  • Long-sleeved, light clothing.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Comfortable shoes

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